Žampach Atelier | atelier Žampach – Každé dílo má svůj příběh

About us

Atelier Žampach was founded in year 1990 by Stanislav Žampach.

Atelier started by designing glassware for glass-making and trading companies from all over the world, for example: Meiwa Trading Tokyo, Kurata Craft Glass Tsukiyono-Japan, May Company-USA.

Since 1997, we started to focus on our own development, production and sales of handmade relief sandblasted glassware.

For our purposes, we order glass from both Czech and global glass factories. We choose interesting and unconventional shapes, that are offered by these companies.

Our priority is innovation, we keep refreshing our sortiment. But we also offer our older designs.

You can find our products in Czech galleries and specialized shops, but also in many foreign countries.